Sunday, January 04, 2009

Great Moments in Internet Commentary

On a TBogg thread about Red State having kittens over the Washington Post hiring Greg Sargent and claiming that the WP would never hire someone straight from rightwing Blogistan, conveniently (or stupidly*) forgetting the infamous Ben Domenech (a.k.a. "Box Turtle Ben").

Captphealy sez:
I suspect Greater Wingnuttia has a massive case of "Phantom Limb Syndrome", as most of them appear to be laboring under the impression that they still have dicks to swing.
NealDeesit replies:
Still have? Their mistaken belief is that they ever had anything to swing. These morons consistently confuse their "being huge dicks" with "having huge dicks."
*As TBogg notes, "We have almost reached the point where picking on [Red State] is like heckling the kids at the Special Olympics."

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